Innovative Research

Supporting Scientific Discovery at CUMC

Imagine supporting a trial to test a promising new therapy for diabetes, which affects 25.8 million children and adults in the United States, or a new drug to better prevent organ rejection among transplant patients. Or, perhaps you would like to join an effort to discover the genetic underpinnings of Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. 

A gift to support our scientists and their research helps foster discoveries and nurture innovations that can lead to life-saving breakthroughs in medicine and affect the lives of individuals and their families now and in the future. 

Since the founding of its medical school 250 years ago, Columbia University researchers have made considerable contributions to the field of medicine, unearthing new areas of discovery in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our breakthroughs include the first blood test for cancer, the first medical use of the laser, and the first successful transfer of genes from one cell to another.  

Financial support for research from private sources is critical to advancing medical innovation. There are a number of opportunities at the Medical Center to suit individual interests and goals. Consider directly supporting current and new research projects led by our leading faculty in select specialty areas, or fellowships that provide vital funds for early-career scientists. Funding for endowed professorships allow distinguished faculty members to pursue their projects and teach students without worry of financial constraints.  

To find out how you can become part of our efforts to advance scientific discovery in a particular department, center or program, please contact our giving professionals or consider making a gift today by giving online.